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LED-SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED is a locally owned company, focused in importing high quality LED lighting and Solar products to New Zealand market since 2010. ALT-LED: A Lighting Technology with Light Emitting Diodes is a way to save our energy and cost on power bills.

Our manufactures strictly implements the international quality production management system and makes sure all the products comply with Australian and New Zealand standards. 

The high end products are built with Philips 130-170lm/w chip and Meanwell driver. It covers the warranty from 5-10 years. Most application are such as Warehouse, factories, car parks, halls, food manufacturing, meat plants, covered car parking, Insulated panel ceiling lighting, retrofit for metal halide and sodium light fitting.

We supply and install On-grid and Off-grid solar and battery storage system.

LED SOLAR is also an Electrical company who under takes new electrical installation and maintenance works, CCTV, Alarms etc

We are experienced with industrial Variable speed drives(VSD), AC motors, service, repair and replace.

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