LED Car Park Light

Superior optical design provides superior illumination and precise glare control. Unique cooling channel design makes efficient heat
dissipation and ensures a longer lifespan. Versatile mounting options all with an attractive price point. Whether you have a new
construction or upgrade application, LED-SOLAR  Smart LED Area luminaries are perfect for parking lots, internal roadways, walkways and
general site lighting.

• Intelligent control: PLC, Zigbee, Dali, GPRS, Photocell and Motion Sensor for maximum energy savings
• Versatile mounting options,Suitable for any application.
• Highly efficient:Up to 1401m/w and Up to 1701m/w optional
• 5-10 years Warranty
• Easy to install, also retrofit into existing installations
• Typelll/ TypeV lighting distributions meet various area lighting requirements

• Input Wattage:100W, 150W,240W,300W
• Input Voltage Range: 100-277VAC
•System Efficiency: Up to 1401m/W and 1701m/w optional
• Dimmability: 1-10V& PWM signal & Resistance
•Power Factor: 0.95+
•Distribution: Type 111,Type V
•Color Temperature (CCT): 3000K.4000K,5000K, 5700K
•Color Rendering Index (CRI): 75+
•IP Rating: IP66 Outdoor Wet Locations •IK Rating: IK 08
• Operating Temperature: -40~50℃( -40~122F)
•Warranty: 5 Years,8 Years and 10 Years optional

Philips Lumiled and Meanwell driver

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